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Stomach, showing post-mortem effects of gastric acid
Stomach and intestine, showing post-mortem effects of gastric acid
Melanoma of the liver, carcinoma of the lungs, pulmonary tuberculosis, pulmonary veno-occlusive disease
Brain infarction, cerebrovascular occlusion
Gastrointestinal tuberculosis, intracranial tuberculoma, splenic tuberculosis
Pulmonary tuberculosis
Stomach neoplasms
Stomach neoplasms
Pulmonary tuberculosis
Melanoma of the liver, the lung, and the skin
Melanoma of the brain and intestines
Hemorrhage and discoloration of the stomach, intestines and peritoneum, and peritoneal tuberculosis
Neoplasms of the rectum, stomach, duodenum and bladder
Male and female urogenital tuberculosis, renal tuberculosis, hepatic tuberculosis in a rabbit
Inflammation and hemorrhage of the brain
Bone neoplasms