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Dissection of the hand, arteries of the hand
Anomalies of the arteries of the forearm and hand
Resection of bone; surgery to remove radius, metacarpal bone and phalange
Amputation of the hand
Positions for holding a scalpel
Techiniques for making incisions, positions for holding scissors
Dissection of the neck, shoulder, arm, elbow and hand, in cross-section
Nerves of the hand and forearm
Bones and muscles of the arm in cross-section; fascia of the hand
Amputation of the hand
Deep lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes of the axilla, arm, thoracic wall and groin
Veins of the arm and hand
Positions for holding a scalpel
Ligature of the brachial, radial, and ulnar arteries
Veins and arteries of the hand