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Amputation of the hand
Resection of the elbow joint
Resection of the ribs, scapula and clavicle
Resection of the maxilla
Amputation of the thumb and amputation of a finger from the  wrist
Resection of the mandible
Resection of the ankle joint
Surgery and surgical instruments for trephining
Ligature of the subclavian and axillary artery
Ligature of the brachiocephalic trunk
Ligature of the carotid, lingual, occipital and superficial temporal arteries
Amputation of the foot
Amputation of the foot, amputation of a toe
Resection of the ankle and wrist joints
Amputation of the forearm
Resection of the knee joint
Amputation of the hand
Ligature of the iliac artery
Extraction of bullets from bone, surgery for fractured femur and tibia
Ligature of the carotid, subclavian and axillary artery