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Skull, eye, optic nerves, optic chiasm, trochlear nerve, corpora quadragemina, trigeminal ganglion, brainstem and cerebellum, carotid artery
Organs of the abdomen and nerves
Aortic aneurysm, perforated esophagus and bronchi
Intestine and enteritis
Lumbar vertebrae, pelvic bones, muscles of the hip and pelvis with lumbosacral plexus and femoral nerve
Muscles and superficial nerves of the leg and foot, femoral nerve, artery and vein
Muscles and nerves of the arm
Dissection of the skull, nasopharynx, oropharynx, carotid artery and nerves of the pharynx
Dissection of the skull with tongue, teeth, trigeminal ganglion, lingual nerve, maxillary nerve, submandiblular gland, and ear ossicles
Diseased stomach; 'softening' of the stomach
Urogenital abnormalities, cardiovascular abnormalities
Intestine and enteritis
Testicular neoplasms