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Base of skull, cranial fossa and cranial sinuses
Dissection of the nose
Muscles and superficial nerves of the leg, femoral nerve
Leg and foot bones, clubfoot
Arteries and veins of a tadpole and a salamander, blood cells of a human and a frog
Peripheral and cranial nerves
Nerves, brachial plexus
Muscles and nerves of the arm
Muscles, tendons and nerves of the arms and fingers
Dissection of the heart, myocardium
Nasopharynx, oropharynx, olfactory bulb and olfactory nerve, trigeminal nerve and ganglion, eye with optic nerve and oculomotor nerves and muscles
Spinal cord and spinal nerves with dura mater
Dissection of the head
Dissection of the tongue
Umbilical hernia
Hydatidiform mole