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Respiratory system
Laryngeal cartilages, heart and lungs in swine
Muscles and tendons of the neck
Dissection of thorax and abdomen
Dissection of the head, neck and pharynx
Brain, esophagus, stomach, tongue and trachea
Brain, esophagus, stomach, tongue and trachea
Dissection of the neck, shoulder, arm, elbow and hand, in cross-section
Dissection of the skull, nasopharynx, oropharynx, carotid artery and nerves of the pharynx
Abdominal and thoracic organs of a neonate, heart, and penis, scrotum and cremaster muscle
Laryngeal cartilages, hyoid bone, trachea, esophagus, tongue, ear, and eye with oculomotor muscles
Nerves of the thorax
Nerves of the thorax
Laryngeal cartilages, thyroid, heart and lungs
Tongue, pharynx and pharyngeal muscles, esophagus, palate and teeth
Dissection of the thorax and abdomen of a dog
Esophageal stenosis