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Abdominal organs
Tumor affecting the rectum
Pelvis; pelvic bones, sacrum, intestines and rectum
Organs of the gastrointestinal system
Stomach, small intestine, rectum, and mucous membrane
Rectum, with stenosis and tumors
Knee joint with patella, nose of a sheep, artery, rectum, choroid plexus, plant material
Gravid uterus, dissection of the abdomen and pelvis
Intestines, mesenteries
Abdominal organs, posterior abdominal wall
Perineal hernia, pelvic bones, sacrum, intestines and rectum
Dissection of the abdomen, intestines
Large intestine, rectum and anus
Rectal prolapse
Peritoneum, rectum and anus
Dissection of the pelvis, female urogenital system
Rectal fistula, hemorrhoids, and imperforate anus