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Arteries and veins in the region of the elbow
Dissection of the hand
Veins of the body
Superficial veins and arteries in the cubital fossa
Dissection of the forearm
Dissection of the thorax and abdomen
Veins within the body of the vertebrae, and in the skull
Veins of the pelvis and uterus
Head, jugular vein, facial veins
Dissection of the head and neck
Dissection of the arm and hand
Muscles and nerves of the arm
Veins of the leg and foot
Veins of the leg
Veins of the spine
Superficial arteries of the posterior arm, veins in the cubital fossa
Head, jugular vein, facial veins
Anomalies of the iliac arteries, anomalous branches to the penis, enlarged veins draining the bladder and prostate