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Infant heart, abnormal
Infant skeleton, abnormal; polydactyly
Umbilical hernias
Umbilical hernias
Skull, adult and infant
Ribs and thoracic vertebrae of an adult and infant
Dissection of an inguinal hernia
Skull of a child, hydrocephalus
Infant with neonatal acne, or strophulus albidus
Infant with rash and pustules of the face and arm
Skull, adult and infant
Infant with neonatal acne, or strophulus intertinctus
Mandible and inferior alveolar nerve of a neonate; muscles, tendons and nerves of the forearm
Mandible and maxilla of fetus, neonate, infant and child
Head and skull of malformed infants; conjoined twins, bilateral cleft lip and holoprosencephaly
Infant with hydrocephalus