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Arteries of the pelvis and perineum, female urogenital system
Pelvic bones of a female child
Pelvic bones with sacrum and femur
Spine, with ribs, sacrum and ligaments
Bones and bone tissue
Muscles of the thigh
Superior and inferior vena cava, azygos vein
Pelvic bones, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae and sacrum with ligaments
Iliac arteries, pelvic bones and sacrum
Pelvic bones, male and female, and fetal pelvic bones
Arteries of the pelvis and perineum, male urogenital system
Veins of the spine
Arteries and veins of the pelvis
Muscles of the buttocks and hip
Spine, pelvic bones
Dissection of the pelvis and thigh
Anomalies of the aorta and its branches; anomalous renal arteries, iliac arteries and testicular arteries
Axillary skeleton; spine, ribs, sternum, clavicles, pelvic bones and sacrum