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Hemorrhage of the brain, brainstem and meninges
Uterine phlebitis
Perforation of the intestines and the pleura
Aneurysm of the heart, bone hypertrophy
Inflammation of cutaneous tissue
Neoplasm from a rabbit, cartilagenous deposits on the spinal cord, ulcerated Peyer's patches on the small intestine, ulcerated small intestine, intestinal stricture, contractile tissue from a healed burn
Inflammation of mucous membranes
Cardiovascular neoplasms, vascular neoplasms
Inflammation of mucous membranes
Inflammation of the serous membranes
Inflammation of organs; lung, kidney, liver, brainstem, mesentery and meninges
Hypertrophy of the bronchi, emphysema
Atrophy of the lung, atrophy of the kidney