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Aorta and iliac artery with arteriosclerosis
Arteries of the head
Arteries of the face
Arteries of the pelvis and foot
Dissection of the hand, arteries of the hand
Arteries and veins of the groin and perineum
Anomalies of the arteries of the forearm and hand
Superficial arteries of the buttocks and thighs
Spinal cord, spinal nerves, and spinal arteries, with aorta
Superficial arteries of the neck and back
Arteries of the neck and back
Ear; labyrinth, vestibulocochlear nerve, blood and nerve supply to the external ear
Superficial arteries of the arm
Superficial arteries of the legs
Arteries of the axilla and upper arm
Dissection of the gravid uterus
Dissection of the postpartem uterus
Dissection of the male perineum
Dissection of the forearm and hand