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Stomach ulcer
Stomach ulcer
Umbilical hernia
Varicose veins, portal vein
Neoplasms of the sympathetic ganglia
Hydatidiform mole
Conjoined twins, with partially shared gastrointestinal system
Deviation and fracture of the spine
Anatomical proportions of male and female
Spina bifida
Rectal prolapse
Herniated lung, rib malformation
Congenital hip dislocation and malformed pelvis, clubfoot, rectal fistula, urogential abnormalities
Thorax and abdomen of conjoined twins, dissection of shared heart
Diseased prostate
Fracture of the femoral neck
Intestinal obstruction
Umbilical hernia
Congenital absence of the cerebellum
Inguinal hernia, herniated broad ligament