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Skull, bones of the skull, femur
Bone neoplasms on the skull
Bone neoplasms of the skull
Cranial sinuses
Paranasal sinuses of the skull, mandible
Disarticulated skull
Dissection of the neck
Surgery and surgical instruments for trephining
Dissection of the face, and skull
Veins within the body of the vertebrae, and in the skull
Pharyngeal muscles
Dissection of the eyes and skull, with optic and trigeminal nerves
Veins of the spine
Blood vessels of the thorax and abdomen
Spine, internal vertebral venous plexus, cranial sinuses
Sarcoma, found in the thigh, the breast, lymph glands, cerebellum, and the skull
Anomalies of the carotid arteries
Spinal stenosis
Aorta and its branches, skeleton