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Cardiovascular neoplasms, vascular neoplasms
Hypertrophy of the bronchi, emphysema
Venous thrombus formed in the broad ligament of the uterus, thrombosis in an artery, endocarditis, adhesions formed in the intestines, and adhesions formed in the Fallopian tubes and ovaries
Gangrene of the toes and foot, gangrene caused by heart disease
Hemorrhage in the bladder, hemorrhaging neoplasm of the uterus, cutaneous and subcutaneous hemorrhage on the arm, hemorrhoids
Perforation of the intestines and the pleura
Aneurysm of the heart, bone hypertrophy
Hemorrhage of the brain, brainstem and meninges
Neoplasm from a rabbit, cartilagenous deposits on the spinal cord, ulcerated Peyer's patches on the small intestine, ulcerated small intestine, intestinal stricture, contractile tissue from a healed burn
Inflammation of cutaneous tissue