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Neoplasms of the uterus and Fallopian tubes, tuberculosis affected the uterus
Microcephaly, anencephaly and hydrocephaly; spina bifida
Parotid gland abscess, atrophy of laryngeal muscles, diseased eye, neoplasms of the eye and the orbit
Varicose ulcers and varicose veins in the arm
Diseased lung; pneumonia
Inflammation of the intestines; enteritis, ulceration and necrosis
Bone neoplasms of the skull
Umbilical hernia
Diseased brainstem and cerebellum; brainstem and cerebellar neoplasms?
Cerebellar hemorrhage, tuberculosis of the cerebellum
Diseased thyroid gland and trachea; goiter and cysts
Varicose veins and phlebitis
Aortic aneurysm, aortic stenosis
Splenic tuberculosis
Bone neoplasm
Heart neoplasms
Heart neoplasms
Diseased lung; possible emphysema
Diseased intestines; cholera, hemorrhage