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A demonstration of the nerves of the human body.
Surgical anatomy.
Anatomia secundinæ humanæ repetita, aucta, roborata, et quadraginta quatuor figures, propriâ autoris manu delineatis, insuper illustrata.
A system of dissections : explaining the human body, the manner of displaying the parts, and their varieties in disease.
Engravings of the arteries : illustrating the second volume of the Anatomy of the human body, and serving as an introduction to the surgery of the arteries.
An exposition of the natural system of the nerves of the human body.  With a republication of the papers delivered to the Royal Society, on the subject of the nerves.
A system of anatomical plates of the human body, accompanied with descriptions and physiological, pathological, and surgical observations.
Anatomie pathologique du corps humain, descriptions avec figures lithographiées et colorisées des diverses altérations morbides dont le corps humain est susceptible.
Demonstrationum anatomico-pathologicarum liber primus[-secundus]
Vasorum lymphaticorum corporis humani historia et ichnographia.
De formato foetu liber singularis, æneis figuris exornatus : epistolæ duæ anatomicæ : tractatus de arthritide : opera posthuma / studio Liberalis Cremæ ... edita.
Réflexions et observations anatomico-chirurgicales sur l'anéurisme.
Engravings, explaining the anatomy of the bones, muscles, and joints.
Reports of medical cases : selected with a view of illustrating the symptoms and cure of diseases by a reference to morbid anatomy.