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Dissection of the neck and thorax in mice and frogs
Muscles of the neck in cattle
Muscles of the neck in cattle
External, middle and inner ear of of the cow
External and middle ear in geese, chickens,  swine, cats, cattle, and infants
Anatomy of the ear, in humans, swine, goats, sheep, cat and mice, in 9 numbered illustrations
External ear, middle ear, and labryinth
Skull, middle ear, and vestibulocochlear nerve in adult humans, infants, swine, cattle, geese, cats, horses, dogs, hares, mice, and sheep
Ear apparatus in fish
Ear, masticatory muscles and parotid gland
Skull, masticatory muscles and facial muscles
Muscles of the ear in cattle
Muscles that move the ear in the cow
Muscles of the neck in cattle