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Pelvic bones, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae and sacrum with ligaments
Spine; vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx with ligaments
Articulations of the clavicle and shoulder joint
Pelvic bones with vertebrae and ligaments
Wrist and finger joints with ligaments
Hip joint and knee joint, with ligaments
Ankle joint with ligaments
Skeleton with ligaments
Bones and ligaments of the foot
Pelvis, scrotum, pelvic bones
Knee joint with ligaments and menisci
Foot bones and ankle joint, joints of the toes
Cervical vertebrae and ligaments
Sternum and ribs with ligaments, fetal sternum
Shoulder joint with ligaments, elbow joint with ligaments
Elbow joint and wrist joint
Pelvic bones with sacrum and femur
Spine, with ribs, sacrum and ligaments
Ankle joint, bones and ligaments of the lower leg and foot
Skeleton and ligaments