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Kidney with adrenal gland
Kidney, renal artery and veins
Kidney, renal artery and vein, ureter
Kidneys and ureters
Abdominal viscera; intestines and male urogenital system
Kidneys and adrenal glands
Abdomen; aorta, iliac arteries, and male urinary system
Kidney and adrenal gland
Blood vessels of the head, kidneys, skull
Kidneys and ureters
Kidneys and ureters
Dissection of the kidney; intestines and mesentery
Abdomen and pelvis, blood supply to the gravid uterus
Kidney with adrenal gland
Anomalies of the aorta and its branches; anomalous renal arteries, iliac arteries and testicular arteries
Kidney, portions of the brainstem