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Heart, inferior vena cava, renal vein, kidney, aorta
Structures of the neck and thorax, azygos vein
Dissection of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis
Dissection of the abdomen; diaphragm, kidney, aorta and inferior vena cava
Torso with sympathetic ganglia and lumbosacral plexus, and vagus nerve
Abdomen in cross section
Veins of the neck, thorax and abdomen
Abdominal organs
Abdominal viscera with nerves
Lymphatic drainage of the pelvis and abdomen
Dissection of the abdomen and pelvis, peritoneum and kidneys
Lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes of the liver, kidneys and spleen
Abdominal and thoracic organs of a neonate, heart, and penis, scrotum and cremaster muscle
Thoracic and abdominal veins - vena cava, portal system, veins of the upper extremity