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Kidney with kidney calculi
Rectum, with stenosis and tumors
Skull of a child, hydrocephalus
Diseased pancreas
Testis with hydrocele, and with hydrocele and inguinal hernia
Diseased pharynx and esophagus with thrush, and esophagus with tumors
Diseased liver; hepatic tuberculosis
Diseased testis; epididymitis, male genital tuberculosis, and enlarged testis - possible neoplasm
Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver
Diseased spleen
Inflammation and scarring of the dura mater
Esophageal stenosis
Enlarged spleen
Heart, calcinosis of the myocardium
Aortic aneurysm
Brain aneurysm
Esophagus; a coin caught in the esophagus, and an esophageal diverticulum
Bladder calculi
Bronchocele, with trachea, laryngeal cartilages and thyroid gland
Lungs with tubercles