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Kidney with kidney calculi
Rectum, with stenosis and tumors
Skull of a child, hydrocephalus
Diseased pancreas
Testis with hydrocele, and with hydrocele and inguinal hernia
Diseased pharynx and esophagus with thrush, and esophagus with tumors
Diseased liver; hepatic tuberculosis
Diseased testis; epididymitis, male genital tuberculosis, and enlarged testis - possible neoplasm
Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver
Sections of diseased and ulcerated intestine
Diseased spleen
Inflammation and scarring of the dura mater
Heart, calcinosis of the myocardium
Aortic aneurysm
Enlarged spleen
Esophagus; a coin caught in the esophagus, and an esophageal diverticulum
Brain aneurysm
Bladder calculi
Inguinal hernia
Lungs with tubercles