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Surface anatomy, veins, abdominal muscles
Abdominal organs, vagus nerve and sympathetic nerves
Organs of the urogenital system, female
Skull, masticatory muscles, facial muscles
Dissection of the brain
Thorax; ribs and diaphragm
Ear; external, middle and labyrinth
Male urogenital system
Abdominal and thoracic organs, female urogenital system of the fetus
Abdominal organs; liver, portal system, hepatic veins, spleen and pancreas
Abdominal muscles, lumbar vertebrae, pelvic bones and sacrum
Pregnancy, female urogenital system, fetus and fetal skeleton
Bones and muscles of the arm and hand
Nerves of the arm and leg, veins
Arteries and veins of the body
Back muscles
Brain and cerebellum, cranial nerves, spinal nerves