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Male urogenital system
Anterior wall of neck, thorax, abdomen and pelvis
Dissection of the groin in male and female
Fascia of the abdomen, groin and perineum
Veins of the thorax and abdomen
Male urogenital system
Penis and seminal vesicles
Dissection of the groin and thigh
Bladder, male urogenital system
Eye, nipple, aortic valve, penis
Bladder, urethra, penis; epididymis
Dissection of the pelvis, inferior hypogastric plexus
Male urogenital system
Dissection of the pelvis, male urogenital system
Anomalies of the iliac arteries, anomalous branches to the penis, enlarged veins draining the bladder and prostate
Posterior thoracic, abdominal and pelvic wall
Muscles of the abdomen and groin, with penis and spermatic cord
Muscles of the abdomen and groin, with penis