Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Heart and lungs
Heart, inferior vena cava, renal vein, kidney, aorta
Respiratory system
Anatomy of the heart, pulmonary blood vessels
Aneurysm of the aorta and the popliteal artery
Heart, inferior and superior vena cava, and aorta
Dissection of the thorax
Heart and blood vessels, lungs and trachea
Dissection of the neck and thorax
Dissection of the thorax and abdomen
Heart, superior and inferior vena cava, and aorta
Abdominal and thoracic organs of a neonate, heart and lungs, liver and gallbladder
Dissection of the heart
Blood vessels of the thorax and abdomen
Dissection of the thorax
Heart and pericardium, diaphragm and aorta
Heart, lungs, pulmonary and coronary vessels and bronchi
Heart and lungs
Heart and lungs