Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Femur and patella
Pelvis, muscles of the thigh
Muscles of the leg and buttocks
Bones showing pathology; spine, femur, tibia
Femur and patella
Muscles of the buttocks and thigh
Bones and muscles of the leg and foot
Muscles of the thigh
Hip joint with ankylosis
False acetabulum following a hip dislocation
Rotation of the femoral head
Skull, bones of the skull, femur
Dissection of the hip joint
Dissection of knee joint
Muscles of the thigh
Knee joint with ligaments and menisci
Pelvis and femur following femoral neck fracture
Bones of the leg
Bone neoplasms, on the pelvic bones and femur
Superficial and deep muscles of the thigh