Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Arteries of the head
Dissection of the neck
Dissection of the neck
Muscles and arteries of the neck, shoulder and arm
Vertebral artery, ophthalmic artery
Arteries of the head, neck, and axilla
Arteries of the head, neck, and axilla
Dissection of the neck and thorax
Carotid arteries, neck muscles and parotid gland
Carotid artery, jugular vein
Intercostal, cervical and vertebral arteries
Dissection of the head and neck, cervical spinal nerves
Dissection of the neck, neck muscles and carotid artery
Lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes of the neck and thorax
Lymphatic vessels of the neck and head
Nerves of the pharynx
Dissection of the thorax
Dissection of the head, neck and pharynx
Dissection of the neck