Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Uterus and placenta, non human
Abdominal organs of a fetus, probably sheep or goat, uterus and placenta, non human
Abdominal organs, uterus, amnion and fetus of a mouse
Uterus, placenta and fetus of a mouse
Uterus and chorion of a horse
Uterus and fetus of a horse
Uterus, placenta and fetus
Uterus, fetus and placenta
Uterus, fetus and placenta
Urogenital system of female fetus
Gravid uterus, fetus, during delivery
Gravid uterus
Gravid uterus, fetus
Gravid uterus, fetus during labour
Gravid uterus with fetus in breech position
Gravid uterus, fetus
Pregnant woman, fetus and chorion
Pregnant woman, fetus and placenta
Uterus, pregnant woman
Fetus in transverse lie, umbilical cord prolapse