Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Skull and cervical vertebrae, laryngeal cartilages, mouth, feet, ribs and sternum
Muscles of the back, skull, ribs and pelvis
Muscles of the neck and back; skull
Bones and muscles of the head, thorax and arm; eye
Skull, adult and infant
Skeleton and muscles, skull
Heart and papillary muscles, carotid and vertebral arteries, and skull and brain, with cranial sinuses
Fetal skeleton and skull
Fetal skeleton and skull
Fetal skeleton
Dissection of the head; meninges, blood vessels and cranial sinuses
Dissection of the brain
Dissection of the skull
Dissection of the head
Back and neck muscles, skull, spine, and pelvis
Fetal skeleton and skull
Skull: frontal bone, facial bones, sphenoid bone
Skull; skull cap
Skull, masticatory muscles, facial muscles