Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Succenturiatus anatomicus : continens Commentaria in Hippocratem, De capitis vulneribus : additæ in aliquot capita libri VIII C. Celsi explicationes ...
De humani corporis fabrica libri decem : tabulis XCIIX æri incisis elegantissimis, nec antehac visis exornati.
A collection of engravings, tending to illustrate the generation and parturition of animals, and of the human species.
Opera omnia anatomica & chirurgica. Cura Hermanni Boerhaave ... & Bernhardi Siegfried Albini ...
Trachea, bronchi, laryngeal cartilages
Muscles of the neck, thorax and abdomen
Abdominal organs, biliary system
Liver, gallbladder and bile ducts
Thoracic vertebrae, ribs and scapula
Heart and lungs
Pelvic bones, sacrum and coccyx
Skulls, abnormal
Veins of the head, thorax and abdomen
Lungs and respiratory muscles.
Hepatic veins, portal system, inferior vena cava
Uterus and placenta, non human
Abdominal organs of a fetus, probably sheep or goat, uterus and placenta, non human
Organs of the thorax and abdomen, non human; heart and lungs of the human fetus
Abdominal organs, uterus, amnion and fetus of a mouse
Uterus, placenta and fetus of a mouse