Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Skull: frontal bone, facial bones, sphenoid bone
Skull; skull cap
Pelvic bones
Humerus, radius and ulna
Placenta and umbilical cord
Placenta and umbilical cord
Adominal organs, uterus and placenta of a pregnant woman
Placental and fetal membranes; fetal side with umbilical cord and blood vessels
Muscles and tendons of the lower leg and foot
Muscles of the shoulder and upper arm
Muscles and tendons of the forearm and hand
Muscles of the forearm
Dissection of the brain and spinal cord
Tibia and fibula
Foot bones
Skeletons of the fetus
Skeleton of a fetus
Scapula, clavicle and sternum