Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Pharyngeal muscles, tongue, and palate
Lymphatic drainage of the head and neck
Carotid arteries, neck muscles and parotid gland
Anomalies of the mammary artery, vertebral artery and other branches of the subclavian artery
Anomalies of the cervical arteries, subclavian artery, jugular veins, neck muscles, and thoracic vertebrae and ribs
External jugular vein and its branches
Anomalies of the carotid arteries
Carotid artery, jugular vein
Intercostal, cervical and vertebral arteries
Anomalies of the carotid arteries
Anomalies of the external carotid artery
Muscles of the neck, cervical vertebrae
Muscles of the neck, thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities
Anterior wall of neck, thorax, abdomen and pelvis
Facial muscles and neck muscles
Facial muscles and neck muscles
Facial muscles, masticatory muscles, neck muscles
Muscles and tendons of the neck
Dissection of the head and neck, cervical spinal nerves
Dissection of the neck, neck muscles and carotid artery