Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Bladder calculi
Title page
Diseased stomach, pylorus and duodenum, shown with ulcers
Treatment for a depressed skull fracture
Uterus with polyps
Esophagus showing esophageal stenosis or stricture, and ulcers
Bronchocele, with trachea, laryngeal cartilages and thyroid gland
Stomach, showing stomach neoplasm, and ulceration of the tissue by gastric acid
Diseased uterus and cervix, and bladder.
Letterpress title page, with engraved vignette after Jan Wandelaar
Knee joint and temporomandibular joint
Gravid uterus
Obstruction of the intestines; enteric intussusception, polyps, and a membranous partial stenosis