Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Uterus, placenta, hydatidiform mole
Gravid uterus
Gravid uterus with fetus
Pelvic aneurysm
Bladder, uterus, liver, and calculi
Ovarian cysts
Veins of the pelvis and uterus
Nerves of the diaphragm and abdomen
Female urogenital system
Fetus, placenta, uterus, and vagina
Male and female anatomy
Fetus in utero, chorion, decidua, cervix, vagina, Fallopian tubes, ovaries and corpus luteum
Gravid uterus and blood supply to the placenta
Gravid uterus and blood supply to the placenta
Fetus in utero, chorion, cervix, vagina, vulva and clitoris, Fallopian tubes and ovaries
Uterine lining, teeth and lips, prolapsed uterus, esophagus of a tortoise, genitalia of a hermaphrodite
Uterus with neoplasm
Uterus and dissection of the pelvis
Female urogenital system, pregnancy
Uterus with neoplasm