Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Lymphatic drainage of the arm
Lymphatic drainage of the hand, arm and axilla
Veins of the arm
Bones and muscles of the arm and hand
Muscles of the arm
Muscles of the shoulder and upper arm
Fractured arm resulting in osteonecrosis, and aneurysm. Anterior view
Muscles and arteries of the neck, shoulder and arm
Cutaneus nerves and veins of the arms
Superficial lymphatic vessels of the arm, axillary lymph nodes
Deep lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes of the axilla, arm, thoracic wall and groin
Nerves of the neck, arm and hand; cervical spinal nerves, brachial plexus
Superficial arteries of the arm
Arteries of the axilla and upper arm
Diseased nerves; neuromas?
Arteries of the hand and arm
Superficial arteries of the posterior arm, veins in the cubital fossa
Anomalies of the radial and ulnar arteries, and their branches to the arm and hand
Radial artery and its branches to the arm and hand
Anomalies of the brachial artery