Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Uterus and placenta, non human
Abdominal organs of a fetus, probably sheep or goat, uterus and placenta, non human
Organs of the thorax and abdomen, non human; heart and lungs of the human fetus
Abdominal organs, uterus, amnion and fetus of a mouse
Uterus, placenta and fetus of a mouse
Fetus, placenta and amnion of a horse
Uterus and chorion of a horse
Abdominal organs of a fetal puppy, umbilical veins
Fetus and chorion of a pig
Uterus and fetus of a horse
Organs of the thorax and abdomen of the fetus
Abdominal organs, eggs, uterus and fetus of a shark
Dissection of the head
Dissection of the head
Peripheral nerves of the body with spine
Peripheral nerves of the thorax, abdomen and arm
Cerebral veins and cranial sinuses, the portal system, and pulmonary blood vessels
Muscles, including muscles of respiration
Veins and muscles, superficial.