Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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External anatomy of eye, ear and nose
Skull, cranial fossa
Skull, base of skull
Muscles and superficial blood vessels of the abdominal wall
Bones of the foot, patella
Oculomotor muscles, masticatory muscles, facial muscles, neck muscles
Bones of the arm and hand
Laryngeal cartilages, trachea and neck muscles
Abdomen,  peritoneal cavity
Muscles of the abdomen
Back muscles, neck muscles
Brain, cranial nerves
Muscles of the buttocks and thigh
Pelvis, muscles of the thigh
Back muscles, neck muscles, ribs and scapula
Back muscles, neck muscles, bones of the arm
Muscles of the arm, forearm
Muscles of the arm, forearm
Muscles of the upper arm