Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Femoral artery and its branches
Posterior tibial artery, peroneal and dorsalis pedis artery
Dosalis pedis artery, anomalies of the peroneal and posterior tibial artery
Femoral artery and vein, and their branches
Anomalies of the popliteal artery
Dissection of the buttocks, gluteal arteries
Femoral artery and vein, and their branches
Anterior tibial artery
Carotid arteries, neck muscles and parotid gland
Anomalies of the brachial artery
Brachial artery and variations of its branches
Superficial veins and arteries in the cubital fossa
Abdominal organs
Arteries of the hand and arm
Radial, ulnar and posterior interosseous arteries, and their branches to the arm and hand
Anomalies of the interosseous artery
Anomalies of the arteries of the hand
Anomalies of the mammary artery, vertebral artery and other branches of the subclavian artery
Anomalies of the cervical arteries, subclavian artery, jugular veins, neck muscles, and thoracic vertebrae and ribs
External jugular vein and its branches