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Portal system, urogenital system, thoracic duct
Dissection of the head and eye
Female urogenital system
Fetus, placenta, uterus, and vagina
Trachea, laryngeal cartilages, heart, vagus nerve and recurrent laryngeal nerves, phrenic nerve and sympathetic ganglia
Autonomic nerves
Trachea, pulmonary arteries, lungs and lung tissue
Trachea, laryngeal cartilages, vagus nerve and recurrent laryngeal nerves
Male urogenital system
Ear; external ear, ear ossicles, labryinth
Nasopharynx, oropharynx, tongue and salivary glands of a cow
Male urogenital system
Female urogenital system
Dissection of the thorax and abdomen of a dog
Placenta, umbilical cord and liver, fetal skeleton, uterus, kidney and adrenal glands
Heart and lungs