Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Muscles of the neck in cattle
Muscles of the neck in cattle
External, middle and inner ear of of the cow
External and middle ear in geese, chickens,  swine, cats, cattle, and infants
Circle of Willis in a fetal calf
Branches of the facial nerve of a human and an ox
Spleen in cattle, spleen in humans
Jugular veins and vena cava of humans, dogs, cows
Human brain with arachnoid, spinal cord of a cow
Pulmonary tuberculosis
Uterus of cattle and dogs
Laryngeal cartilages of cattle
Laryngeal cartilages in cattle
Muscles of the neck in cattle
Skull, middle ear, and vestibulocochlear nerve in adult humans, infants, swine, cattle, geese, cats, horses, dogs, hares, mice, and sheep
Muscles of the ear in cattle
Muscles that move the ear in the cow
Cervical gangion of a sheep and ox
Sympathetic ganglia of an ox
Mouth, lips and salivary ducts