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Bones of the skull
Bones of the skull
Bones of the skull
Serratus muscles, subscapularis muscle, and neck muscles
Muscles of the neck, cervical vertebrae
Sphenoid bone, ethmoid bone, occipital bone
Sphenoid bone, ethmoid bone, occipital bone
Ablation of excess bone from the humerus, occipital bone; surgery to create an artificial hip joint
Muscles of the back of the neck
Bones of the skull
Skull: occipital bone, parietal bone, ear ossicles
Dissection of the brain and spinal cord
Skull, occipital and temporal bones
Parietal and occipital bone
Pharynx and esophagus
Deep back muscles with occipital bones, spine and pelvic bones
Deep muscles of the back
Occipital bone, atlas, axis and third cervical vertebra