Anatomia Collection: anatomical plates 1522-1867

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Resection of bone; surgery to remove radius, metacarpal bone and phalange
Resection of the elbow joint
Amputation of the fingers
Amputation of the hand
Resection of the ribs, scapula and clavicle
Resection of the maxilla
Amputation of the thumb and amputation of a finger from the  wrist
Resection of the mandible
Amputation of the arm
Resection of the ankle joint
Amputation of fingers
Procedure for ligating an artery
Ligature of anterior tibial artery
Ligature of posterior tibial artery
Surgery and surgical instruments for trephining
Surgery to expose and remove bone
Positions for holding a scalpel
Techiniques for making incisions, positions for holding scissors
Amputation of the arm
Amputation of the arm